Do You Need Cash, Today.......... Do You Have a Pension?
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Pension Advances.... Pension Loans.... Made Simple!

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  • Do You Need Cash?...... Do You have a Pension?
  • If You have a Pension, Rapid Pension Advances can Help!
  • We Make Pension Loans Simple!
  • Complete the Form on this Page!
  • Then.... Complete our Preliminary Application!
  • Then.... one of Our Professional Underwriters will Call You!
  • Then.... You can have Your Lump-Sum Cash Advance within 48 Hours!
  • Need Additional Information first.... Call Dave Taynor @ (404) 462-0129
  • Do It Now! You will be very glad that You Did!

You can learn more about Pensions and Pension Loans & Advances by calling us Today!

(404) 462-0129

If you are currently looking for a pension advance or a pension loan, whether it is a huge lump sum payment or simply a smaller pension buyout, Dave Taynor of Pension Advances can help.
Cash for pensions is one of our specialties. Many people call them pension loans, but we like to call them structured settlements designed specifically to fit your needs.
Whether you need a huge lump sum payment (up to $250,000) or a smaller amount (our average advance is between $10,000 to $15,000), we are here to help.
Give us a call right now…… You will be very glad you did….. (404) 462-0129

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